When Should I Send A Best Of The Relationship Text To My Ex If I Want Her Back?

Before I answer that question, I should probably first tell you what a “Best of the Relationship” text is.  Unless you’re already going through Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program, you may not know.

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So back to Best of the Relationship Texts.  These are the second type of text Michael Fiore recommends sending your ex after a breakup.  They are sent after you receive a few positive replies to Across The Bow Texts.  They are meant to re-engage your ex so she starts to think about you in a positive way.

Why not use these texts first?  Michael Fiore (www.michaelfiore.org) explains,

“Why don’t we just start with these texts? There’s actually a good reason. Across the Bow texts generally don’t focus on the relationship itself. You don’t want to do that until you’ve Gently Established Affirmative Rapport. Until you know that you can have a civil dialogue with your ex, you don’t want to go bringing up the past. So wait until you have gotten at least one positive response to an Across the Bow text to send a Best of the Relationship text, and wait a day or two to send it.”

Best of the Relationship texts begin the process of turning your ex’s negative emotions into positive ones.  They use emotional language and detail to help your ex remember good times and make them as real for her as possible.

So “GEAR” up the conversation first with Across the Bow texts.  Then, bust out the Best of the Relationship texts, and you’ll be well on your way to getting your ex girlfriend back.

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